Gisakura Guest House is located just 2km outside the Nyungwe National Park close to the Gisakura Tea Estate precisely on the road from Park to Ruzizi former Cyangugu.This guest House offers good access shortly to visit Chimpanzees, Different trails, Canopy walk, Bird species with 24 endemic to the Central African Highlands and more than 120 orchid species.
Its accommodation is extremely cheap and comfortable. Rooms are of three categories furnished with shower and hot water is always available from electric heater. Anywhere, it is an ideal place to be based when you want to explore the Park with very helpful, hospitable staff due to its location close to Wildlife Conservation Society office former ORTPN.
Gisakura Guest House welcomes you in a warm and friendly setting for the breakfast, the lunch and the dinner and sometimes a quick takeaway lunch when you are still visiting Nyungwe National Park. It is an accommodation in the budget category but when there you can mistake I for a mid rang accommodation due to the kind of services they offer.