Having already secured your rented vehicle which you have by now in your custodian, you will wake up very early in the morning and have an early cup of tea before 4:15 and drive for approximately 2.5 hours and reach in time at the Kinigi park headquarters for general briefing about these primates. Then from here you enter into the forest for the actual trekking activity of these primates starting from where they were left the previous day until you come across them. You will find them doing their daily chores of feeding their young ones, climbing trees and others just relaxing. Take your best photographs having switched off your flash. This whole exercise takes a maximum of 1 hour and then return to the park offices for your gorilla tracking certificate. Then from here you will go to any hotel of your choice within Kinigi and have your lunch and some refreshments from where you will drive back to your hotel or at the airport if at all your flight is due and this will mark the end of your safari.

The Costs below include :

1 Gorilla trekking permit

Fuel for the vehicle

Vehicle fees